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You Got This

Often, I find myself operating as my own biggest cheerleader – sometimes it’s out of necessity since obviously everyone isn’t going to see your future the way you do; I might believe myself to be the next Denzel Washington while even my closest allies may see a young Tracy Morgan, at best. But sometimes, it’s to keep reminding myself that there’s a bigger plan in play than my current circumstances. These days, the latter seems to be most applicable, so I thought I’d share my version of a kind of “pump myself up in front of the mirror before the big moment” outlook I try to employ when I’m feeling particularly pessimistic about my progress. Which, I admit, I do at the moment.

There’s always a good football analogy for most of the important lessons you learn in life and in the case of perseverance in tough times, it’s sort of like not panicking after the other team scores first. You came in with a game plan, Q. Don’t abandon the run, don’t call plays you haven’t practiced, there’s no need to get into your two-minute drill in the first quarter. Trust your preparation, stick to the game plan. There’s a lot of game left to play.

Don’t be so strident that you can’t adjust when necessary, but don’t let hard times – because there were always going to be hard times – deter your focus. Use this moment, use these lessons you’re learning now to be even stronger when you prevail.

Because you will prevail, Q, you know that. We all know that.

But who will you be when you do? Will you be wiser, stronger, more compassionate as a result of enduring low periods? Or will you be bitter, burned, and vindictive? Use today to be stronger tomorrow. Because if you’re right about who you say you are – who you believe you are meant to be – then the rest of us are counting on you to be at your best when you realize your potential.

You got this, bruh.



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