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Hi, I'm Q.

This is my blog. So, um, yeah.

Welcome to my blog. Since you likely have already visited my personal, official, whatever else you want to call it website, I won’t make you sit through much more self-indulgence or horn tooting. But I will, if only briefly, try to make the distinction between what I’m doing here, on my blog, and what I may post on my other site. Here, I intend to be a bit more stream of consciousness, less consistent and, inevitably, more controversial. There, I intend to be a bit more concerted, focusing on some of the more

professional hats that I wear, such as Principal & Creative Director of Anderson Creative Strategies or Chairman of The Justice Alliance. Or just as a passionate community advocate for issues near and dear to my heart at home and around the world, such as social justice reform and supporting democratic movements across the world. But here, I can let loose a bit. I will likely touch on any and every topic I can form an opinion on. And just as I wear multiple professional hats by day, by night (or on this arm of my brand) I wear many others: retired poet, amateur photographer, overrated song-writer, occasional hip hop legend, culinary deity,

under-traveled nomad, unheralded podcast host, college and professional football oracle, and profoundly misunderstood filmmaker. Since this is my site and I have little to no concern about web traffic or reviews, you’ll likely experience my trademark “give no sh**s”/”ran outta f***s to give” approach laced throughout my posts. This blog is my catharsis, or at least that’s the goal. Consider “The Queue” to be those suppressed thoughts in my head that probably should be addressed more clinically, but the way my bank account (and health insurance) is set up…

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