The Backstory

So, at one point in my life, I fashioned myself as an artist. In truth, I suppose you never truly give up that honorific, but I try not to claim the classification moreso out of my abundance of respect for those who are grinding at their art on a regular basis, as opposed to people like me who swoop in every so often or had a heyday a few blue moons ago.

That being said, art has always been important to me. And as a high school kid in Baton Rouge, part of my artistic rite of passage was trying my hand at rap. I wasn’t particularly good, BUT I did discover I had a great passion for music production, sound editing, and – most rewardingly – songwriting.

During my senior year of high school, I met up with a guy from my school who had a hell of a voice and wanted to record, but admittedly couldn’t write. Well, that was perfect, since I had a studio, could write, but sure as hell couldn’t sing. It was a match made in heaven. For the rest of that year, almost on a daily basis, we’d come back to my rinky dink music studio housed in a crusty old pool shed to record a new song. There was no A/C, no real soundproofing to speak of, but it was the “lab” where all kinds of magic was made during my youth. That senior year was no different; Sam “Maurice” Chesterfield allowed me to write his whole album and that was perhaps one of the most fun experiences I’ve ever had.

The following are a few of our gems from that self-titled album from Maurice. Enjoy!



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