The GOP’s Black Opportunity

Many people associate the #BlackLivesMatter movement with the more left-leaning political and social justice groups of America, in part because the left has reacted instinctively to a constituency that has, at least since 1960, been a loyal and key part of their winning political coalition.


“Never Known Otherwise” (2006)

One of my very favorite pieces of personal history, this is a clip (provided by Akeem Martin) of a duo poem I performed in 2006 during preliminary slams at Brave New Voices in New York City with my Baton Rouge teammate, Molly. Originally a solo


Review: Bloodline (Season 1)

“Bloodline, for reference sake, feels like a less focused, melodramatic version of 24, sans the geopolitical threats to the American homeland.” During what many have hailed as the latest golden age of television, streaming content providers like Hulu and Netflix have thrived in recent years in large


Why We Couldn’t Wait for Brady to F*** Up

The recent “Deflategate” saga, which has kept the NFL community gripped in nonstop suspense as the league peddles each new development like its own soap opera, has been defined by a few things. Tom Brady cheated, the Patriots are cheaters, they’ll do anything to win, will